Q. How much do you charge a square foot?

A. Every project is unique. There is no such thing as comparing ‘apples to apples’ in custom manufacturing which is why we don’t price by the square foot, we charge on a ‘per project basis’. We do things differently at DSW, due to the high material cost and our commitment to long term growth we continually reinvest in our company employing the very best people and purchasing the very best equipment for measuring, designing, coordinating manufacturing and installation of our product. Our counters are accurate, custom fit and designed to deliver your vision. We consider EVERYTHING so you don’t have too! We are innovative and experienced in what we do, we don’t do several things well, we build countertops and we do it the best.


Q. what’s the difference between granite and quartz?

A. Both materials are solid surface. Granite is created in nature, each piece similar yet truly unique. Granite has a high gloss finish and tolerates heat very well, it may also include different inclusions and hold other properties your sales representative will explain on a project to project basis. Quartz is a man made product using the Quartz component of granite, crushing it down adding a small percentage of colour, polymers, resin and glue. Quartz is great for modern design, symmetry and satisfying current design trends. Quartz has a semi gloss finish and can only tolerate heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Your quartz will be registered with a 15 year limited warranty by DSW upon completion of our services to you. Based on use, Granite may need to be resealed every 3-5 years and Quartz will requite no aftercare post install.

Q. Does natural stone have a completely smooth surface?

A. No. Many types of natural stone contain pits & fissures that are natural characteristics of stone. Some natural stones exhibit these characteristics more than others, & the lighting of a room can make these marks more or less visible. Quartz has a more solid surface because it is an engineered product.

Q. Will stone harbor bacteria?

A. Stone countertops are extremely sanitary; second only to restaurant grade stainless steel.

Q. Do I need a seam & will it be noticeable?

A. The location of countertop seams is dependent on various factors including slab size, material type, access to job site, & job layout. The adhesive used for the seam is similar to the colour of your countertop, however, seams are still noticeable by touch & sight.